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Cat Toys

Cat toys are an integral ingredient in keeping your cat happy and your house clean. Cat psychology is such that they quickly become habituated to toys and will quickly lose interest. For this reason a constant supply of new toys is necessary to keep your friend happy.

Cat toys come in a wide variety and can even be fashioned from household items. Care should be taken however that the toys used are safe. Small ribbons can be a feline favorite but it is possible for the cat to swallow to the ribbon and begin to choke on it. If fully ingested, the ribbon can become entangled in the cat’s internal organs which often leads to death. For this reason, a cat should never be left unattended with its toys, especially homemade ones. Vet approved cat toys are recommended for this reason. But armed with some common sense and a keen oversight of the animal, you can provide your cat with hours of fun at little to no cast.


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