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Are cats or dogs smarter?

This is an interesting question for a few reasons. Intelligence varies from species to species and from different types of intelligence. On certain scales dogs are invariably smarter than cats. They can be taught a wide variety of commands and are much more responsive to training. But they also are designed for pack mentality and a willingness to follow their leader unquestioningly. The cat scores lower on some intelligence tests, but it is still very smart. In fact a cat’s brain much more closely resembles a human’s brain than does a dog’s. Cats have the same ratio of cerebral cortex for brain mass as do humans. The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain where personality is housed. Personality denotes a high level of consciousness lacking in canines. Cat’s individualistic nature mirrors that of humans. This allows cats to be much savvier in social interactions and in manipulating others to their own ends. What a cat lacks in basic skills of intelligence, it more than makes up for in its Machiavellian nature.

Where does the word cat come from?

The word cat has a long heritage stretching back to distant Africa. Our word cat is derived from the Old English catt which was the Anglicization of the German word katze. Katze was the German derivation of the ancient Greek and roman cattus meaning domestic cat. This differs from feles, the ancient word for wildcat. Even the Greco-roman term was most likely an adaptation of the Afro-Asiatic word kaddis popular in North Africa.

Why are cats comfortable in such hot places?

Cats evolved in the harsh deserts of North Africa and hence developed the ability to comfortably function in even the hottest environments. They do not sweat as humans do and can change their metabolic rate to match a variety of conditions both hot and cold. It is not uncommon to see a cat sleeping peacefully in full sunlight during a very hot day. Although humans begin to feel uncomfortable in temperatures of about 112 degrees cats remain content in temperatures reaching 126 degrees. They can even tolerate higher temperatures if they have access to water.


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